Supporting students in raising their academic attainment and aspirations

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What is it?

HE+ is a collaborative project set up by the University of Cambridge in several regions of the UK. It is designed to help schools and colleges to share best practice in supporting and challenging their most ambitious Year 12 students with extension activities and materials, and to create an atmosphere in which students can support each other in raising their academic attainment and aspirations.

In order to achieve this, participating students will have the opportunity to:

  • Access subject-based extension material, focused on developing the key skills and academic confidence required for university-level study;
  • Talk to admissions staff about the applications process and receive appropriate support and guidance on making a strong application to the University of Cambridge and other competitive universities;

How does it work?

Peter Symonds is the lead college for the consortium, though each school and college involved has its own point of contact. The consortium is partnered with Trinity Cambridge College, which provides expert input on applications and the opportunity for students to visit Cambridge towards the end of the Spring Term.

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What does it involve?

This year the programme in Hampshire will include:

  • Face to face and online extension classes at Peter Symonds College in Winchester, in a range of core subjects to broaden and deepen understanding of the chosen subject and develop key transferable skills, such as independent learning and research skills;
  • Live online lectures and workshops led by staff from the University of Cambridge, addressing such topics as university choices, making a competitive application and preparing for interview;

Who is HE+ for?

The programme is aimed at Year 12 students who have the potential to make competitive applications to Cambridge and other Russell Group universities. HE+ is designed to bring together students from a range of schools/colleges within a specific locality and to engage them in a common programme with the opportunity to work with one another.

One of the aims of the project is to assist in widening participation, particularly for students from families and communities where progression to higher education has not been the norm.

collection of test tubes containing brightly coloured liquids
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What are the benefits for the students taking part?

Students who take part in HE+ are encouraged and challenged to think beyond their A level curriculum and be introduced to new ideas and concepts. They will have many opportunities to develop their academic skills, confidence and understanding and engage with peers from other local schools/colleges.  Participating students will gain access to HE+ extension resources on the University of Cambridge website and will be part of a national forum within which they can exchange ideas and information with their peers at other schools and colleges. All participating students can mention their involvement in this highly prestigious scheme in their CVs and university application forms.


If you have any questions about HE+ please contact the HE+ coordinator